Located in the peaceful hill top of Manali, Baba Prakash Puri Ashram is a serene and vibrant place for seekers. Ashram activities facilitate learnings and provide opportunities for Sadhna, Satsang & Seva.

Baba Prakash Puri Ashram, Gurugram

Spread over five acre patch of land, the Gurgaon Asharam fascinates the visitor by its grand main gate and architectural design. There is are well-manicured flower-beds and rare decorative flower-trees that are simply captivating. As one enters the Asharam, one is entranced to find a mammoth nandi (Lord Shiva’s carrier Bull) and a newly constructed Pandwala Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. On the right hand, stands a octagonal marble platform commemorating the last resting place of venerable Baba. The main attractions of the temple are its big round metallic pinnacles, and the vast assembly hall attached to the temple. Besides, there is a resting place for pilgrims. There is wide pathway encircling the hermitage like garland. At present the hermitage is headed by Baba Ravi Puri Ji, who assiduously following sacred example of venerable Guru, is practicing the life of an auster

Baba Prakash Puri Ashram, Raisina, Sohna

The geographic ambiance of the hermitage is eye-catching. A semi-circular rock having Aravalli Mountain Range forming the background overshadows the hermitage which symbolizes the blossoming of the spiritual lotus in the region. An environment of peace envelopes the shrine and revives the memory the ancient Indian hermitages. Shivacharya Swami Chandera Shekhar was so right when he called this Asharam “Rishi Yann” ( the carrier of the Rishis/ascetics ). The Raisina Ashram was witness to Baba Prakash Puri’s meditation for more than two decades. The octagonal Shiva temple is, indeed, a marvel of architectural design. The ancient Shiva temple and its waterfalls also attract the visitors, with their beauty. The two meditation huts carved in the horizontal rock, point to the self-mortification rituals of Baba. In the initial stages of the spiritual ardor of Baba, this hermitage was a witness to many miraculous happenings. It was also the spot for the focused meditations activities of Baba. All the five Shivacharyas (pontiffs of Lord Shiva`s Philosophy) gathers occasionally to seek the company of Baba.

Baba Prakash Puri Ashram, Bijwasan (Delhi)

This hermitage is located at a distance of three kilometer from Bijwasan village on Najafgarh road. This hermitage is intimately elated to Baba’s spiritual endeavour. Long way back Baba perfomed his fire rituals in the forest of Bharthal, near Bijwasan and then organised bhandara (a free community meal). Then Baba came to the place where the present hermitage is situated. Here is situated the Dhoona Gaddi (the seat where the Baba performed self-motivation rites before fire). Here, there is a hut, made for Baba’s use, as also a Shiva Temple where Baba sanctified a Shiva Lingam. ln this premises there is a rest­-house for the saints, a small store, a small habitat for cows (cow is considered a sacred animal in lndia. lt has the status of “mother” for the Hindus). ln the premises there is an under-ground cave where the Baba went to meditate occasionally. There is a legend that suggests that with the blessing of Baba, an underground water stream burst through the earth to quench the thirst of this arid and and barren place.

Sahara Sathya Ashram, Faridabad

Deeply influenced by the very first glimpse of Baba Prakash Puri, a devotee Sh. Vijay Chaudhary has established a hermitage in Sector 20-B Faridabad. Situated on Delhi-Mathura road, this Ashram is dedicated to Baba. The engraving on wall tellingly suggests: With the Blessings of the Baba – A Sahara Sathya Ashram. The hermitage is adorned with a Hanuman Statue covered with Sindoor paste. The Sindoor paste is a crimson coloured paste reverentially applied to the whole statue of Lord Hanuman. A giant sized Natraj Shiva (Natraj means the Lord of all performing arts. Lord Shiva is taken to be the Lord of all performing artists) also graces the Asharam. There is also a Baba Prakash Puri Hall for the purpose of worship and meditation. Surrounded tali trees and green plants, the hermitage looks so attractive. The Dhoona Gaddi (seat of the Baba) is situated on the right side of the Hanuman statue. This devotee, Vijay Chaudhary has been continuing with Baba’s tradition of Bhandara (free community meals) for the poor since 1987. This temple is the symbol of people’s faith in their beneficent Guru. Established at the peak of Snow-capped Mountain.

Chetan Mahadev Ashram, Janerkhera (Punjab)

The village Janerkhera is situated 6 kilometer away on the Moga Mandi-Amritsar Highway. An Ashram named “Chetan Mahadev” is located in this village on the land of Gurmail Singh, a local resident. Gurmail Singh, an erstwhile officer in Punjab Police come in contact with Baba and became an ardent followers. Adopting a life of detachment, he decided to be a recluse. On request from this disciple, the Baba sanctifies a Shiva Lingam on his agricultural land in Janer Khera. A Shiva Temple was also erected where along with an idol of Lord Shiva, idols of her deities were sanctified. A dhoona seat of the Baba is also situated in the hermitage. Like other hermitages of Baba Prakash Puri, free meals are served to the poor on a permanent basis in this hermitage. Free community meals are organized on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is an auspicious night dedicated to Lord Shiva. The devotee go on fast on this occasion, visit Shiva temple and worship their deity.